E o Grove esta ficando cada vez melhor
em relação a restaurantes também!
Boho é um autêntico Grego,
total recomendo a visita!

Deciding where to eat in Coconut Grove just got harder — and that’s a good thing

Every neighborhood should be so lucky! Coconut Grove, which up until just a few of years ago had almost no rave-worthy casual restaurants, has just gotten yet another sensational spot.

Ironically with its vintage, hippy-ish vibe, Boho is more like the old Grove than anything else here — except maybe the Last Carrot.

That is no accident. The friendly owners, including Pavlos Giavis and Nektarios Nikolopoulos, have been coming here from Greece for decades and were smitten. “My partners and I love to travel here. We love Coconut Grove. It’s a little European, the style, the people,” Giavis says.

This Mediterranean spot is at once casual and easy but with an authentic sense of hospitality that is increasingly rare in our growing metropolis.

Boho lives up to its name with its gypsy chic décor of mismatched iron and wood chairs, swaths of verdant botanical wallpaper, well-worn wooden planked floor and area rugs that look as though they came from Yia Yia’s attic. They contribute to the comfortable, lived-in vibe. It could have been here as long as the CG Animal Clinic on Grand Avenue.

The food is so elemental, so appealing, so vibrant and fresh. The service equally so. A team of young, relaxed but knowledgeable servers goes out of its way to make every guest comfortable.

The one-page menu is a simple, changing cardstock with lots of great choices.

All the salads are thoughtfully composed, delicately dressed and expertly portioned. The Greek salad is a classic from the island — no lettuce but bite-size chunks of perfectly ripe tomatoes, skin-on cucumber crescents, salty chunks of crumbly feta cheese and …



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