5 things to consider when buying a house without a realtor

July 25, 2022
buying a house without a realtor

Real Estate negotiations have many important details involved, which makes this field a bit tricky for lay people that consider buying a house without a realtor’s help.

We know this area is strong in the country and offers multiple investment opportunities, but to make it the right way and bring positive results, the help of a real estate professional is a must have.

This professional is extremely valuable for understanding every agency procedure and can help the client buying the best property with the money they have.

Besides that, their hiring must be seen as an investment, because, in addition to making all the buying process flexible, it avoids the buyers getting stuck in bad negotiations.

Do you want to understand why you should buy a property with the help of a realtor? Good reading!

What does a realtor do?

First of all, it’s needed to know the realtor profession is one of the oldest in the country and, in virtue of its importance, has a legislation that regulates it. To this extent, those who work as realtors must obey this law or risk penalties.

For the buying experience to occur in the best possible way, you mustn’t assume this professional is only a seller. It’s necessary to consider them as an advisor that, thanks to their marketing experience and training, is capable of offering to the parties involved in the negotiation the best option for their interests.

They can work independently, in the name of a broker, or another realtor. There are two kinds of realtors involved in the selling process:

  • A realtor representing the seller in a property transaction;
  • A realtor representing the buyer in a property transaction.

Why you shouldn’t consider buying a house without a realtor?

Before understanding what to consider when making the decision of buying a house without a realtor, it is important to know where this professional acts and what’s their importance.

One of the benefits of this professional is their vast knowledge of all the market responsible for buying and selling properties. That’s why, finding properties through a realtor makes it much more efficient.

This professional will allow you to make a safer investment, as well as avoid being deceived when making acquisitions. Besides that, with the help of a realtor it is possible to analyze the best way of financing a property for it to adapt to the buyer’s financial situation.

When talking about buying a property with a realtor, the perks of negotiating centantly can be a benefit. With their experience, the negotiation will be the main point at the time of purchase.

There are cases of people looking for buying their home without a realtor which is also not wrong. But, can create some upsets and damage, like:

  • Loss of money in a negotiation;
  • Little access to buying options;
  • Little knowledge about the neighborhood district;
  • Poor understanding of the contract, among other things.

Don’t kid yourself, a trustful realtor can help you make the buying and selling of your house easier and less stressful. But, if you still wants to understand why, here’s a list of what you must consider before the decision of buying a property:

1. Real Estate knowledge

The lack of knowledge in negotiations made without a realtor can be easily seen in simple aspects, as: the right choice of neighborhood, the amount paid for a property, the location of the property against the price charged for it.

With a professional, you can guarantee a higher credibility, access to the property listing to identify the best option in the market in your budget.

Besides that, a realtor has deep knowledge of the laws involved in Real Estate market, guaranteeing a negotiation happening in the most transparent way. 

2. Property evaluation X price charged

When someone sells a property, it’s clear they want to close the deal with the best possible profit, right?

Although, it’s common to see the sellers not having a good understanding of the market, which can lead to false hopes about the prices charged for their properties, and making the buyers LOSE MONEY in a bad investment.

Therefore, the buying and selling negotiation must be made through a realtor. After all, the knowledge this professional possess will allow them to analyze all the key features of the property and establish the true value of the property with no room for mistakes. 

3. Knowledge about the legislation and documents

As we already know, the Real Estate Market has its own legislation. That’s why, situations like when a pending sale fall through are due to documentation problems and contract mistakes: waste of money and loss of goods.

So, to ensure the legal safety and time saving, it’s recommended that the buying happens with the help of a realtor. Since they have the experience and expertise to request all the documentation needed.

4. Legal Support

Have you ever heard of “Purchase and Sale Agreement”? It’s a contract in which provides the prices and all of the agreement terms in the property negotiation, and who is responsible for the elaboration of this document is the realtor.
Not only that, the realtor serves as a legal witness of the deal. In cases of problems or disagreements between parties, their word comes to guarantee everything that has been accorded to be efficiently followed. 

5. Easy access and property audit

When entering in a property negotiation it’s highly important to count on the audit and access, allowing a vast evaluation of different kinds of properties for acquisition, and when this process is eased the benefits are even bigger.

For that matter, a realtor can offer a wide range of properties that, quite often, are being sold only in one Real Estate.

Another thing to keep in mind is the audit. The major part of the Real Estates take responsibility to make the property audit.

Therefore, this process will make an audit of the property’s structure possible, and so a value analysis requested by the seller – if they match the conditions or not.

Now that you already know more about the cons of buying a house without a realtor, the benefits and why it’s safer the acquisition of a property with their help, I want to know your answer:

Have you changed your mind about wanting a realtor helping you? If so, get in touch with me for the best deal.

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